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"A debut record from the greener, non-plastic reaches of greater Los Angeles. Principally it’s the musical labours of Taylor Hungerford, assisted by French born sidekick Wolf Kroeger. Between them, they’ve cooked up something quite noteworthy. 9/10"

 - Mark Nenandic, Americana UK

"On his first proper release, Indian Summer, Hungerford shows tremendous promise as a musician and songwriter."

 - Bo Liebman, The Indy Review

" Tar and Flowers' frontman Taylor Hungerford is no stranger to the honky-tonk lifestyle. Growing up on mountainside property owned by Roy Rodgers and working as a ranch hand on a Colorado farm after college, Hungerford has had folk and roots music embedded into his blood and bones. Our latest guest blog post features Hungerford's opinion on the changing world of Americana music and pays homage to pivotal songwriters within the genre."

 - Floated Magazine

"Indian Summer opens with the dealings of “Danny”, draws Country Folk on the L.A.County line in “The Lovin’ Kind”, and layers instrumentation that surrounds the dreamscape story of “August” as Tar and Flowers quietly revs “This Machine” with fingerpicking and sings of “Summer at Michael’s House” backed by ghostly handclaps and determined rhythms."

 - Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

"This one is worth the effort. We recommend you grab it for your collection."

 - Bob Legget, Indie Voice Blog

"To be honest, I did not think I would enjoy the album as much as I did considering I’m not a huge fan of country music. Tar and Flowers definitely have country qualities but do not reside solely in that genre.  I’d recommend that anyone who enjoys story telling songs with a heavy acoustic influence listen to 'Indian Summer.'" 

 - Shay Gauthier-Tar, 89.1 The Point

“Songs such as 'Ten Ton Heart,' are reminiscent of older groups such as The Byrds and Gram Parsons, giving Tar & Flowers a sense of timelessness.”

 - Lauren Gribble, Listen Here Reviews

"'Lost”'begins with a soothing and folky acoustic guitar with a fluttering style. The instrumentation blends several styles and feelings into one completely realized idea, giving the song its own unique individual personality.”

 - The Butcher, The Music Butcher

“You can’t avoid [Ten Ton Heart]. It digs deep into your ‘country’ habits you never thought you had.”

 - CHF Staff, Come Here Floyd

"It's a short listen, but it's a very full album." 

 - Von Cloedt, Adobe & Teardrops

"Flecks of guitar barrel down the canyon, and Tar & Flowers, a western outfit out of Los Angeles, are situated atop a great white stallion. Their stature is as towering as John Wayne riding into town, and “Rumor,” off their new album, Indian Summer, is as ghostly as it is encased in the earth’s crust."

 - Jason Scott, B-Sides And Badlands

"It’s laid back, evocative, blending acoustic and electric instrumentation. Plenty of strum and twang behind the strong storytelling." 

- Doubtful Sounds, Post To Wire

"Ten Ton Heart by Tar & Flowers out of Chatsworth, California has a wanderlust beat and folk country melodies. I thought of Beachwood Sparks, The Band and even Kris Kristofferson."

- Robb Donker, American Pancake

"Their music is basically in the folk and country realm, but sometimes with a haunting, ethereal and timeless quality that nevertheless works to make the listener feel better about life, because it immediately lifts us from the quagmire, from the chaos, and in effect obliterates ugliness."

 - Michael Doherty, Michael Doherty's Music Log

Interview in Voyage LA Magazine

Interview for The Daily Country

Nominated in the Americana category for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, 2018.

Featured Artist For March for The Deli LA. 


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