What The Hell Is Tar & Flowers?

The History


Tar & Flowers is Taylor Hungerford. Taylor was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. At a young age, his parents relocated to Chatsworth, a small equestrian town on the outer rim of the valley. Chatsworth’s rich western history would affect Taylor in ways he was unaware of. 

Taylor found a kindred spirit in Wolf Kroeger. Born in the south of France, Wolf’s semi-rural upbringing also occasioned a love of the frontier and open land - a love that would shape and guide the album Indian Summer’s gritty, desert inspired sound. 

Live, Taylor Hungerford is joined by Wolf Kroeger on bass,  Matt Brundrett on percussion and composer Michael Ward on guitar and backing vocals.

The San Fernando Valley


You can't know what Tar & Flowers is without first knowing the San Fernando Valley. The sound of Buck Owens came down from Bakersfield and inhabited the Valley's numerous Honkey-Tonks and country bars. 

The Palomino (pictured here) was the Valley's premiere country bar, hosting such famous acts as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Kris Kristofferson to name a few. 

Country music, as it then came to be known, is deeply rooted in Tar & Flowers sound. Though some folks now refer to it as "Americana" - we still like to remember our history.

Who We Think We Sound Like


Country is a difficult word to say these days. However, some of the acts mentioned in its breath remain relevent - at least to us. Those names and groups are: Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds, The Cowboy Junkies, Skip James, The Carter Family, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke and Led Zeppelin.